Nikonian Northern Exposure # 10

Stump_Early_Morn_R_720SThis is an insightful interview that you don’t want to miss!!! American fine art photographer John Sexton shares his insights and inspirations revealing his thoughts that contribute to his specialty in black and white photography. Sexton worked with Ansel Adams, first as Technical and Photographic Assistant, then later as a Technical Consultant.

Stump, Early Morning Mist, Emerald Lake, Canada
©1988 John Sexton. All rights reserved.
Sexton has had extensive experience in leading photography workshops and continues to present engaging and inspiring lectures that move audiences. His lavishly produced books and posters are stunning; you cannot help but be moved viewing the black and white photographs of the natural and human environments that have attributed his success. He has lectured at many Museums and Universities. His work is in numerous permanent collections and exhibitions, and he has been the subject of many articles in the photographic press.

John Sexton has received many honors and awards during his photographic career, including an Honorary Master of Science degree from Brooks Institute of Photography, along with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the North American Nature Photography Association.Have a listen and learn about the many interesting aspects of his knowledge, equipment and vision to his work

John Sexton portrait by Anne Larsen ©2013 Anne Larsen. All rights reserved.

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