Nikonians Northern Exposure #1

Welcome to the first show of the new Nikonians Northern Exposure Podcast brought to you by Peter Spence from Canada.

In his first show Peter is talking about improving the sharpness of one Photograph images. This is design for beginners to Professional Photographers.

Download Nikonians Northern Exposure #1 (NPC-NE-2012-04-02.mp3; 28:21; MP3 format)

At some point in our life, all of us Professional Photographers need to go back to the basic of Photography, sometime we do become too comfortable in our Photography, so we do stop learning .So we need to become uncomfortable and approach the basic of Photography in a different light. Why we should to using prime lens more for better sharpness and composition, instead of just using a Zoom lens for every type of images. Why every photographer from beginners to professional, should be carrying a point-to -shoot Nikon camera with them all the time. Learn to see by listening with your ears and the important of using a tripod.